Selected and Recent Publications

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TEN RECENT PUBLICATIONS [link to PubMed] (citations/Google Scholar)

Koleini N, Nickel BE, Nagalingam RS, Landry NM, Fandrich RR, Cheung DYC, Dixon IM, Czubryt MP, Jassal DS, Cattini PA, Kardami E, Elimination of endogenous high molecular weight FGF2 prevents pressure overload-induced systolic dysfunction, linked to increased FGFR1 activity and NR1D1 expression, Cell and Tissue Research, 2021 (in press)

Jarmasz JS, Anderson A, Bock ME, Jin Y, Cattini PA, Ruth C, A potential role for insulin treatment during pregnancy in reducing postpartum psychological distress in maternal obesity: An administrative population health study, BMC Womens Health, 2021 (in press)

Moazzam S, Jarmasz JS, Jin Y, Siddiqui TJ, Cattini PA. Effects of high fat diet-induced obesity and pregnancy on prepartum and postpartum maternal mouse behaviour, Psychoneuroendocrinology, 126:105147, 2021 (in press)

Jin Y, Jarmasz JS, Cattini PA, Dexamethasone rescues an acute high fat diet-induced decrease in human growth hormone gene expression in male partially humanized CD-1 mice, DNA and Cell Biology, 40(3):543-552, 2021

Jarmasz JS, Jin Y, Vakili H, Cattini PA, Sleep deprivation and diet affect human GH gene expression in transgenic mice in vivo, Endocrine Connections, 9:1135-1147, 2020

Cattini PA, Jin Y, Jarmasz JS, Noorjahan N, Bock ME, Obesity and regulation of human placental lactogen production in pregnancy, Journal of Neuroendocrinology, 32(11):e12859, 2020 (2)

Nie Y, Li J, Jin Y, Nyomba BLG, Cattini PA, Vakili H, Negative effects of cyclic palmitate treatment on glucose responsiveness and insulin production in mouse insulinoma Min6 cells are reversible, DNA and Cell Biology, 38(4):395-403, 2019 (1)

Koleini N, Santiago JJ, Nickel BE, Sequiera GL, Wang J, Fandrich RR, Jassal D, Dhingra S, Kirshenbaum LA, Cattini PA, Kardami E, Elimination or neutralization of endogenous high molecular weight FGF-2 mitigates doxorubicin-induced cardiotoxicity, American Journal of Physiology - Heart and Circulatory Physiology, 316(2):H279-H288, 2019 (Koleini and Santiago, equal contribution) (4)

Jin Y, Vakili H, Liu SY, Menticoglou S, Bock ME, Cattini PA, Chromosomal architecture and placental expression of the human growth hormone gene family are targeted by pre-pregnancy maternal obesity, American Journal of Physiology - Endocrinology and Metabolism, 315(4):E435-E445, 2018 (8)

Cattini PA, Bock ME, Jin Y, Zanghi JA, Vakili H, A useful model to compare human and mouse growth hormone gene chromosomal structure, expression and regulation, and immune tolerance of human growth hormone analogues, Growth Hormone & IGF Research, 42-43:58-65, 2018 (7)


Nickel BE, Cattini PA, Tissue-specific expression and thyroid hormone regulation of the endogenous placental growth hormone variant and chorionic somatomammotropin genes in a human choriocarcinoma cell line, Endocrinology, 128(5):2353-9, 1991 (50)

Nachtigal MW, Nickel BE, Cattini PA, Pituitary-specific repression of placental members of the human growth hormone gene family. A possible mechanism for locus regulation, Journal of Biological Chemistry, 268(12):8473-9, 1993 (75)

Jin Y, Surabhi RM, Fresnoza A, Lytras A, Cattini PA, A role for A/T-rich sequences and Pit-1/GHF-1 in a distal enhancer located in the human growth hormone locus control region with preferential pituitary activity in culture and transgenic mice, Molecular Endocrinology, 13(8):1249-66, 1999 (53)

Norquay LD, Yang X, Jin Y, Detillieux KA, Cattini PA, Hepatocyte nuclear factor-3alpha binding at P sequences of the growth hormone locus is associated with pituitary repressor function, Molecular Endocrinology, 20(3):598-607, 2006 (LDN and XY, equal contribution) (25)

Jin Y, Lu SY, Fresnoza A, Detillieux KA, Duckworth ML, Cattini PA, Differential placental hormone gene expression during pregnancy in a transgenic mouse containing the human growth hormone/chorionic somatomammotropin locus, Placenta, 30(3):226-235, 2009 (28)

Vakili H, Jin Y, Nagy JI, Cattini PA, Transgenic mice expressing the human growth hormone gene provide a model system to study human growth hormone synthesis and secretion in non-tumor-derived pituitary cells: Differential effects of dexamethasone and thyroid hormone, Molecular and Cellular Endocrinology, 345(1-2):48-57, 2011 (21)

Vakili H, Cattini PA, The hidden and positive role of glucocorticoids in the regulation of growth hormone-producing cells, Molecular and Cellular Endocrinology, 363(1-2):1-9, 2012 (20)

Vakili H, Jin Y, Cattini PA, Negative regulation of human growth hormone gene expression by insulin is dependent on hypoxia-inducible factor binding in primary non-tumor pituitary cells, Journal of Biological Chemistry, 287(40):33282-33292, 2012 (15)

Vakili H, Jin Y, Menticoglou S, Cattini PA, CCAAT-enhancer-binding protein beta and downstream human placental growth hormone genes are targets for dysregulation in pregnancies complicated by maternal obesity, Journal of Biological Chemistry, 288:22849-22861, 2013 (19)

Vakili H, Jin Y, Cattini PA, Evidence for a circadian effect on the reduction of human growth hormone gene expression in response to excess caloric intake, Journal of Biological Chemistry, 291(26):13823-33, 2016 (15)

TEN SELECTED PUBLICATIONS FROM COLLABORATIONS [ link to PubMed ] (citations/Google Scholar)

Rennie PS, Bruchovsky N, Leco KJ, Sheppard PC, McQueen SA, Cheng H, Snoek R, Hamel A, Bock ME, MacDonald BS, Nickel BE, Chang C, Liao S, Cattini PA, Matusik RJ, Characterization of two cis-acting DNA elements involved in the androgen regulation of the probasin gene, Molecular Endocrinology, 7(1): 23-36, 1993 (374)

Grothe C, Heese K, Meisinger C, Wewetzer K, Kunz D, Cattini P, Otten U, Expression of interleukin-6 and its receptor in the sciatic nerve and cultured Schwann cells: relation to 18-kD fibroblast growth factor-2, Brain Research, 885(2):172-81, 2000 (77)

Lynn BD, Li X, Cattini PA, Turley EA, Nagy JI. Identification of sequence, protein isoforms and distribution of the hyaluronan-binding protein RHAMM in adult and developing rat brain. Journal of  Comparative Neurology, 439:315-330, 2001 (59)

Triggs-Raine BL, Kirkpatrick RD, Kelly SL, Norquay LD, Cattini PA, Yamagata K, Hegele RA, HNF-1a G319S, a transactivation mutant, is associated with altered dynamics of diabetes onset in an Oji-Cree community, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 99(7):4614-9, 2002 (124)

Jiang Z-S, Padua RR, Ju H, Doble BW, Jin Y, Hao J, Cattini PA, Dixon IMC, Kardami E, Acute Protection of the ischemic heart by FGF-2; involvement of FGF-2 receptors and protein kinase C, American Journal of Physiology - Heart and Circulatory Physiology, 282(3):H1071-80, 2002 (114)

Doble BW, Dang X, Ping P, Fandrich RR, Nickel BE, Jin Y, Cattini PA, Kardami E.  Phosphorylation of serine 262 in the gap junction protein connexin-43 regulates DNA synthesis in cell-cell contact forming cardiomyocytes. Journal of Cell Science, 22;117(Pt 3):507-514, 2004 (128)

Jiang ZS, Jeyaraman M, Wen G-B, Fandrich RR, Dixon IAC, Cattini PA, Kardami E, High- but not low-molecular weight FGF-2 causes cardiac hypertrophy in vivo: Possible involvement of cardiotrophin-1, Journal of Molecular and Cellular Cardiology, 42(1):222-33, 2007 (85)

Kardami E, Detillieux KA, Ma X, Jiang ZS, Santiago J-J, Jimenez SK, Cattini PA, Fibroblast growth factor-2 and cardioprotection, Heart Failure Reviews, 12(3-4):267-77, 2007 (117)

Armistead J, Khatkar S, Meyer B, Patel N, Koetter P, Nylen E, Coghlan G, Mark B, Lamont RE, Liu S, Mauthe J Cattini PA, Pind S, Myal Y, Hegele R, Wrogemann K, Greenberg C, Entian K-D, Zelinski T, Triggs-Raine  B, Mutation of a gene essential for ribosome biogenesis, EMG1, causes Bowen Conradi Syndrome, American Journal of Human Genetics, 84(6):728-739, 2009 (106)

Laurell T, Nilsson D, Lindstrand A, Hofmeister W, Ahituv N, Amilon A, Annerén G, Arner M, Rosberg H-E, Cattini PA, Nordenskjöld A, Mäkitie O, Grigelioniene G, Nordgren A, Identification of three novel FGF16 mutations in X-linked recessive fusion of the fourth and fifth metacarpals and possible correlation with heart disease, Molecular Genetics & Genomic Medicine, 2(5):402-411, 2014 (14)


Cattini PA, Nickel B, Bock M, Kardami E, Immunolocalization of basic fibroblast growth factor (bFGF) in growing and growth-inhibited placental cells: a possible role for bFGF in placental cell development, Placenta, 12(4): 341-52, 1991 (57)

Pasumarthi KB, Kardami E, Cattini PA, High and low molecular weight FGF-2 increase proliferation of neonatal rat cardiac myocytes but have differential effects on binucleation and nuclear morphology: evidence for both paracrine and intracrine effects of FGF-2, Circulation Research, 78(1):126-36, 1996 (129)

Sheikh F, Sontag DP, Fandrich RR, Kardami E, Cattini PA, Overexpression of FGF-2 increases cardiac myocyte viability after injury in isolated mouse hearts, American Journal of Physiology, 280(3):H1039-50, 2001 (98)

Detillieux KA, Sheikh F, Kardami, E, Cattini PA, Biological activities of fibroblast growth factor-2 in the adult myocardium, Cardiovascular Research, 57(1):8-19, 2003 (255)

Jimenez SK, Sheikh F, Jin Y, Detillieux KA, Dhaliwal J, Kardami E, Cattini PA, Transcriptional regulation of FGF-2 gene expression in cardiac myocytes, Cardiovascular Research, 62(3):548-557, 2004 (46)

Lu SY, Sheikh F, Sheppard PC, Fresnoza A, Duckworth ML, Detillieux KA, Cattini PA, FGF-16 is required for embryonic heart development, Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, 373(2):270-74, 2008 (67)

Lu SY, Jin Y, Li X, Sheppard P, Bock ME, Sheikh F, Duckworth ML, Cattini PA, Embryonic survival and severity of cardiac and craniofacial defects are affected by genetic background in FGF-16 null mice, DNA and Cell Biology, 9(8):407-415, 2010 (22)

Jimenez SK, Jassal DS, Kardami E, Cattini PA, A single bout of exercise promotes sustained improvement in left ventricular function from isoproterenol-induced myocardial injury in vivo, Journal of Physiological Sciences, 61(4):331-336, 2011 (19)

Wang J, Nachtigal MW, Kardami E, Cattini PA, FGF-2 protects cardiomyocytes from doxorubicin damage via protein kinase C-dependent effects on efflux transporters, Cardiovascular Research, 98:56-63, 2013 (30)

Sontag DP, Wang J, Kardami E, Cattini PA, FGF-2 and FGF-16 protect isolated perfused mouse hearts from acute doxorubicin-induced contractile dysfunction, Cardiovascular Toxicology, 13(3):244-253, 2013 (DPS and JW equal contribution) (19)